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January 2015 Archives

What are the underage drinking laws in New York?

When teenagers get in trouble with the law, they often fear that it will seriously impact them in adulthood. Those accused of underage drinking could indeed face serious penalties if they are convicted. In addition, this traffic violation could lead to more serious charges, depending on the circumstances. It is therefore important that you understand the laws regarding underage drinking and the potential penalties so that you understand your defense options.

Criminal defense strategies to protect a defendant's rights

When residents in New York are accused of a crime, they may not only think about the potential impact the accusations might have on their personal and professional lives, but they might also be concerned about the penalties and consequences they could endure if convicted. The best way to reduce the impact of criminal allegations or a criminal conviction is by devising a strong criminal defense strategy.

Criminal defense strategy for violent crime allegations

Making a legal defense plan is an important step to take when an individual is accused of a crime. This is especially true when a defendant is facing serious criminal charges. Hudson Valley attorneys understand that allegations of a violent crime such as murder, battery or an armed robbery could carry serious penalties and other consequences. In order to avoid these consequences, the accused should understand their situation and how they could reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Son accused of killing hedge fund founder father in New York

Being accused of a serious or violent crime not only means potentially harsh penalties if the suspect is convicted but could also mean a damaged personal and professional reputation upon conviction. When a defendant faces allegations of a gun crime, they could face murder charges or attempted murder charges. These criminal allegations carry serious penalties and require a strong defense strategy to counter.

New York troopers step up DWI efforts

While getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can be a little dangerous at any time of the year in New York and elsewhere around the nation, there are certain times of the year when authorities and organizations within the state of New York are especially on the lookout for drunk drivers and warning against drinking and driving. The holiday season is one of those times, and drivers in New York should plan their New Year's parties in order to avoid being pulled over for driving while intoxicated.

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