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May 2014 Archives

Long Island woman arrested for possession in route to music event

When defendants face criminal charges, they often consider how it will affect them currently and in the future. Allegations alone could lead to serious damages to their personal or professional reputation, so it is important that defendants understand their rights when it comes to defending the charges against them. This is an important step to take when an individual is facing a drug charge. Some drug crimes carry serious penalties, so reducing or dropping the charges against the defendant could help them significantly.

Driver suspected of DWI after an accident at NYPD headquarters

In New York and in states across the nation, authorities will stop a driver or question a driver after an accident if they suspect that driver is under the influence. When this occurs, drivers are often asked to complete a battery of tests. Depending on the results or the officer's suspicion, a driver might be asked to submit to a blood alcohol test. Following this step, a driver could be arrested for a DWI and could face serious penalties if convicted.

Long Island woman faces felony DUI after accident

When New York drivers are pulled over, they often expect officers to question them about the details of stop. When an accident occurs, authorities seek to understand the cause and assign fault. That's why drivers may go through a series of questions and may even be subjected to some tests. When a driver is suspected of being under the influence, a filed sobriety test and blood alcohol test are often administered. The results could cause the driver to face a DUI and serious penalties.

New York operations results in 32 drug crime arrests

When authorities believe a drug operation being carried out, this could lead to an investigation and the arrest of several suspects. Those allegedly involved in the operation could face serious drug charges. This could lead to serious consequences that could affect them well into the future. Even allegations of a drug crime could damage an individual's personal and professional reputation, so it is important to establish a defense in order to mitigate the effects the charges have on a suspect.

Felony DWI charges after stop by Buffalo police

A drunk driving conviction can have serious effects on a person's life. People can face jail time, large fines, community service and probation if found guilty of a DWI. In addition to these penalties people may also lose their drivers' licenses or be forces to use an ignition interlock device in their car. These penalties can affect a person's financial future, limit job opportunities and more.

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