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August 2015 Archives

Community service as an incarceration alternative

Criminal charges can lead to penalties that could impact the life of the defendant in significant ways. However, even if the accused is convicted, there are steps the defendant could take to reduce the consequences they could endure during sentencing. For those facing misdemeanor charges, seeking community service instead of incarceration is a possibility.

Must DWI offenders in New York attend an alcohol rehab program?

When drivers in New York are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, those drivers might seek ways to reduce or limit the consequences this stop could cause. Even if the accused is convicted of a drunk driving offense, there are ways the individual could apply defense options to reduce the severity of the penalties commonly applied to a DWI offense. In some cases, this could mean attending a specialized alcohol program.

Understand your New York criminal defense options

Facing serious New York criminal allegations can be a pressing time for any individual, no matter his or her criminal history. Because criminal charges could carry heavy burdens and penalties, it is important that the accused understands how to protect his or herself. Being charged with a crime that the defendant did not commit does not only mean facing harsh legal consequences, but also enduring damages to his or her personal and professional reputation. Our law firm understands the challenges criminal charges could place on the accused's life, which is why defendants should seek to understand the defense options available to them.

Using duress as a affirmative criminal defense

When New Yorkers are suspected of committing a crime, the accused may be charged with crimes he or she believes they did not commit. In these matters, establishing a criminal defense is essential in proving his or her innocence. Moreover, when making an affirmative defense against criminal allegations, the defendant could reduce or avoid the possible criminal penalties he or she is facing, if a conviction is made.

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