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How to fight a New York ticket as an out-of-state driver

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2024 | Traffic Violation Defense For Out Of State And Canadian Drivers |

Some people underestimate the negative impact that a traffic ticket could have on their circumstances. They don’t consider the licensing consequences or how their insurance company might increase their premium. Instead, their main priority is simply to resolve the ticket as quickly as possible. That approach may be efficient, but it may also result in someone facing multiple years of consequences for a simple traffic violation. Technically, those issued a citation in New York have the option of going to traffic court to defend themselves.

Those who do not live in New York might dismiss the possibility of fighting a traffic ticket because they assume they would have to repeatedly return to New York to do so. Thankfully, it may be possible to fight a ticket without traveling back to New York with the right support.

A lawyer can appear on behalf of a client

Most of the time, someone facing legal challenges has an obligation to appear in court. However, the decision to hire an attorney can often eliminate that requirement. The lawyer representing someone in a traffic ticket case can stand in for their client during certain court proceedings.

Often, an attorney in New York can argue a traffic citation case without their client returning to the state. Other times, they may be able to make arrangements for their client to appear via video conferencing technology so that they do not need to be physically present in the courtroom to make their case.

A New York traffic ticket could affect someone’s driver’s license in their home state or even in Canada. If someone drives commercially, a citation in New York might make them ineligible for a commercial driver’s license. Employers who require driving as part of someone’s job might refuse to accept the additional insurance costs generated by paying a traffic ticket and may demote someone or even terminate them because of their traffic citation.

Even when a ticket is the result of someone’s conduct in their own vehicle and may not have any impact on their licensing, fighting a ticket could potentially save them hundreds of dollars each year in insurance premiums. If a business trip or vacation to New York resulted in an expensive traffic ticket, paying the citation is not necessarily the best or only solution available. Partnering with a New York traffic ticket lawyer might help out-of-state drivers successfully fight against a recent citation.