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Clay Speeding Ticket Attorney

The town of Clay is the largest suburb of Syracuse. Located in Onondaga County, it is home to the regional shopping center, the Great Northern Mall, and many popular waterways, including Onondaga Lake, the Erie Canal, Seneca River and Oswego River. Due to its large population and proximity to these attractions, the major roadways in Clay are heavily traveled.

New York State Routes 31 and 481 are the main arteries running through Clay. The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department tickets drivers for speeding, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated and DWAI drugs along these routes. The law office of James M. Wagman represents drivers from Clay, out of state and Canada who have received traffic tickets. For a free consultation to discuss your traffic violation, please call 866-901-8742 or contact me online.

You Can Contest the Charge/local-courts/clay-town-court/>

Many individuals just pay the fine and forget about the incident. However, paying the fine is the same as pleading guilty or being convicted. Points will be added to your driver’s license and the offense will remain on your record. If you are at risk for losing your license for having too many points, fighting the charge may be a good idea.

Protect your rights with help from a defense attorney who is also a Catskill town prosecutor. To make an appointment with a Clay speeding ticket lawyer, please call 866-901-8742 today.