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Designing A Strong Defense Against Drug Charges

At the office of James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, I advise people who have been arrested for the possession or sale of illegal drugs and controlled substances ranging from marijuana to prescription painkillers and cocaine.

For a free consultation about your options for a favorable outcome, contact my firm.

Handling Complex Felony And Misdemeanor Drug Cases

I advise and represent adults, juveniles, college students and out-of-state drivers who are charged with crimes for drugs found in traffic stops on the New York State Thruway. I can advise you about the most promising approaches for resolving such offenses as:

  • Possession of marijuana or cocaine
  • Unlawful sales of street or prescription drugs
  • Prescription fraud
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Manufacture of methamphetamine
  • Drug sales charges based on possession of packaging materials, scales and other paraphernalia associated with drug dealing
  • Possession or sale of heroin

I Examine All Matters Related To Your Case

The most efficient way to resolve drug crime cases is to attack the way the evidence of the offense was obtained against you.

I can evaluate the circumstances of a warrantless search, conflicting stories about permission to search your room or your apartment, the limitations imposed in a search warrant or the facts of a traffic stop to see if the evidence can be suppressed. If we win a suppression motion, the case will probably be dismissed.

If I can even show the prosecution that we stand a good chance of prevailing on a suppression motion, the terms of a plea offer might improve enough that you might want to consider it carefully. No matter what the facts of your case involve, it will ultimately be up to you to decide to plead guilty or to take your defense to trial. My advice can help you make the right decision.

If the original or negotiated charge against you is a misdemeanor , my experience with the local courts of the Hudson Valley can give you a significant advantage toward achieving a favorable outcome.

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To learn about the defense strategies that appear most promising in your case, contact the office of James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation.