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Could Your Driving Record Strengthen Your DWI Defense?

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Part of successfully defending your driving record can simply be knowing it. A surprising amount of people are unaware of exactly what is on their driving record. If you are facing DWI charges I will help you pull an abstract of your driving record so that we can examine it and the number of points on your record.

Having fewer points on your driving record makes it easier to build a better defense against DWI charges. Having a full understanding of what appears on my clients’ driving records puts me in a stronger position for negotiating and can give me better leverage to create a solution that works for you.

I Study All Options When Searching For Solutions

At the law office of James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, I will look at all the facts of your case in order to build the best defense that I can. This includes examining your driving record. I have been serving the needs of those facing DWI and other traffic-related charges for more than 35 years. Those decades of experience in crafting exceptional defenses for my clients in local courts throughout New York give me tremendous insight as to what works and what does not in defending DWI cases.

Contact James M. Wagman To Get Skilled Representation

I am dedicated to limiting the consequences of a DWI on your life and financial well-being. I invite you to contact my office to begin looking for solutions to your legal issues.

I offer no-obligation, no-cost initial assessments to in-state and out-of-state drivers facing DWI charges. Arrange yours today by emailing my firm or by dialing 518-291-4803, toll free at 866-901-8742.

I accept credit cards for my clients’ convenience.

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