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Defending Out-Of-State Drivers On Thruway Tickets

If you’re an out-of-state or Canadian driver who has been cited for speeding along the New York State Thruway, the Northway or anywhere in the Hudson Valley, contact a lawyer who can protect your interests and driving record in your home state or province by fighting your ticket in New York.

Call 866-901-8742 to reach the office of James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation. I advise out-of-state traffic violations clients on a remote basis from my office. In most cases, you won’t need to visit me or appear in court to resolve your traffic violation problem.

The Local Counsel You Need To Get Results

Every year, people from across the country and Canada come to Greene County and the Hudson Valley. If you have been pulled over for a traffic violation while you were here, you most likely do not want to come back for a court date. This is precisely why you should hire a local traffic ticket lawyer. I represent clients traveling through the Hudson Valley for any number of reasons, including those:

  • Visiting Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl, Ski Windom or Bellayre ski area
  • Visiting the Catskill Mountains and Catskill State Park
  • Visiting the land of Rip Van Winkle
  • Visiting The Berkshires
  • Traveling to Albany or Montreal

Advocating For Out-Of-State Drivers

While the state of New York cannot take your license away, they can terminate, revoke or suspend your driving privileges in New York. Be aware that there is reciprocity between New York and many neighboring states, so if you face penalties here, there could be consequences in your own state as well. I represent drivers from across the country in local traffic courts and can help you minimize any negative impact.

Representing Canadian Drivers

The effect of a U.S. violation on people with a Canadian driver’s license is not the same as the effect on U.S. drivers. In some cases, it is better to get a three-point low-speed violation than to get a two-point nonspeed violation. I represent many Canadians in New York State traffic courts and know how different traffic violations could affect your Canadian driver’s license.

Contact A Knowledgeable Attorney Today

There are many reasons to come back to the Hudson Valley; however, fighting a speeding ticket in traffic court is not one of them. I can protect your rights and minimize the consequences without you having to leave your home or your state. Call 866-901-8742 or contact me online today for a free initial consultation.

I represent clients from throughout the U.S. and Canada with traffic law concerns near the New York State Thruway, the Taconic State Parkway, Routes 9 and 9W, and other thoroughfares throughout the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York.