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Helping You Qualify For A Conditional License

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Protecting your driving privileges is a crucial component of DWI and DWAI defense. We all know how important it is to be able to drive to accomplish many of the basic day-to-day tasks that we face. Driving to work, going to school, running the errands you need to accomplish — all of these tasks are an unavoidably necessary part of daily life.

Ensuring that my clients are able to meet those needs is a key concern in the representation I provide to them. I know how difficult it will be for those clients of mine who do not live within reach of public transportation that is capable of meeting their needs. I know that my clients are depending on my ability to defend their driving privileges.

Successfully maintaining your driving privileges is possible even when your driver’s license has been suspended. A conditional driver’s license can be issued when your driver’s license has been suspended. I can help you secure a conditional driver’s license.

A Conditional Driver’s License Can Help Bridge The Gap Until Your Full Driving Privileges Are Reinstated.

At the law office of James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, I understand the absolute need some people have for their driving privileges. Life can grind to a halt without a driver’s license. I am committed to helping my clients achieve the best possible resolution to their DWI charges. Qualifying for a conditional driver’s license can help you avoid one of the most severe consequences of a DWI: loss of driving privileges.

When you hire me, I will tirelessly pursue all available options to secure this license. I leverage over 35 years of courtroom experience with criminal and traffic matters to get results.

Losing Driving Privileges Can Seriously Affect Your Life. Learn How I Can Help.

Contact my firm and arrange your free DWI consultation by completing my contact form or by calling 518-291-4803 or toll free at 866-901-8742. My Catskill firm represents in-state and out-of-state drivers in courts throughout the region. Get started developing your DWI defense today.