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Striving To Limit The Impact Of Repeat Traffic Tickets

In New York, the more traffic tickets you accumulate, the greater the potential consequences. If you face charges for repeat offenses or multiple speeding tickets, it is time to take action to minimize the damage and insurance points.

I am traffic attorney James M. Wagman, and I protect the rights of New York drivers charged with repeat traffic offenses in the courts of the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York. Reach me online or call 866-901-8742 to schedule your no-cost case assessment.

Important Information About Repeat Offenses

Many people believe that if they keep adjourning their cases a few times, they are helping their cause. This is not my philosophy. For Upstate cases, this is not the case for repeat traffic offenses. The 18-month period that affects repeat offenses runs from the original ticket date, not the court date. Thus, as you receive different tickets for different offenses, you will still be subject to the consequences of repeat traffic offenses, even if they are all heard in court at the same time.

As you receive more and more traffic tickets, you accumulate more and more insurance points on your license. It also makes it harder and harder to fight any future tickets as each traffic offense is added to your record.

Helping You Explore All Options Before You Act

Having practiced traffic law defense for over 35 years, I know the local courts, and I know what you can do to minimize the damages. In some cases, you can negotiate a fine instead of points. In other cases, you can erase points by taking a defensive driving course. Or, we can go to trial if necessary.

I will help you explore all of your legal options if you are facing repeat traffic offenses, including:

Get Assistance With Protecting Your Driving Privileges And Insurance Rates

Repeat traffic offenses mean potentially serious consequences, including insurance points. As a traffic law attorney, I know how you can fight. Call 866-901-8742 or contact me online today for a free initial consultation.