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Minimizing The Financial Impact Of A Driver Responsibility Assessment

In New York, multiple traffic violations can result in serious consequences. In fact, the state will eventually put you through the driver responsibility assessment, and you will be assessed fines on top of your traffic tickets.

I am attorney James M. Wagman, and from my law offices, I can help you take action to minimize the damage of the driver responsibility assessment.

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Understanding The Fines Connected To A DRA

The driver responsibility assessment, or DRA, began in November of 2004 as a way of punishing those drivers who receive multiple traffic violations in a short period of time. If you accumulate six driving points in an 18-month period, you have to pay a $300 fine. This is separate from any court fine regarding traffic laws, and it applies to all drivers, even those from out-of-state.

What Can Go Wrong

You are allowed to pay your DRA in installments of three years, but if you fail to do so, your driver’s license could be suspended. If you are an out-of-state driver, your right to drive in New York could be suspended if you fail to pay. In addition, you will be fined $75 a year for each additional point you earn over the 18-month period. This is another reason to build a strong defense for your traffic offenses and keep points off your license.

What You Can Do

As your attorney, I can help you take action to reduce the impact of the New York driver responsibility assessment. For example, if you take and pass the defensive driving test, you can eliminate up to four points on your license. While this will not directly affect the results of your New York DRA, it will still give you a break on your insurance payments and could help you save your license.

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