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Fighting Violations Of New York’s Move Over Law

Unlike in many states where “move over” laws only apply to emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, New York recently expanded its law. Now, you must also move over for “hazard vehicles” like tow trucks that have their lights flashing.

A move over law violation can mean a $275 ticket and, more importantly, two to three points on your driver’s license. Before paying a fine and admitting guilt, learn about your options for defending yourself. I am James M. Wagman, an attorney with more than 35 years of experience defending in-state and out-of-state drivers in Catskill and throughout the Hudson Valley.

I can help you explore possible alternative outcomes to simply paying your ticket. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

Police Take This Law Seriously. You Need Legal Representation On Your Side.

This law is vigorously enforced across New York. In addition to being directly in front of any emergency or hazard vehicle, this law also applies to vehicles in “adjacent lanes.” This could include anyone in a four-lane street that is not divided by a median.

In addition, a move over violation could be paired with another traffic violation, such as failure to yield the right of way or unsafe lane change, which could cause the points to rack up quickly. A lawyer like me can help you determine if you have a valid defense, such as:

  • Changing lanes or pulling over was not a safe option at the time.
  • You would have had to violate a traffic law to get out of the way, such as crossing a double yellow line or running red light.
  • Traffic would not allow you to move out of the way.

With decades of experience defending people facing all types of traffic violations and criminal charges, I know how high the prosecution’s burden of proof is. I can help you figure out the best strategy to keep points off your license and avoid any potential license suspension.

Call James M. Wagman, Attorney At Law, To Begin Developing Your Defense

You likely will not have long after you receive your ticket to decide how to proceed. Failure to pay the fine could lead to more serious consequences. Your first step should be to contact an attorney like me to determine what your rights are.

Call 866-901-8742 or 518-291-4803 or send me an email. I practice in town courts throughout Upstate New York.