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Contesting Construction Zone Violation Citations

In construction zones in the Hudson Valley and throughout New York, drivers cannot go far without seeing numerous signs guaranteeing stiffer penalties for traffic violations. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore them, and are left facing tickets for hundreds of dollars and other stiff penalties.

Fighting a construction zone violation requires fast legal representation to review the circumstances of your ticket and determine the best way to proceed. At my law firm, James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law, I will draw on my more than 35 years of legal experience to help you keep your license and limit the possible negative consequences of a ticket.

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These Violations Are Serious

As an experienced traffic violation defense lawyer, I have helped clients dealing with tickets for all types of alleged construction zone violations. These include:

  • Violating reduced speed limits
  • Changing lanes where solid lines have been added
  • Failing to yield for work trucks
  • Running a stop sign held by a worker
  • Using a cellphone while driving through a work zone

Any violations in a work zone can lead to a fine that is double the normal fine. You will likely face more points against your license than for a normal traffic violation. This can lead to a driver’s license suspension and skyrocketing auto insurance premiums. Additionally, if you strike a construction zone worker, you could face much more serious criminal charges that can lead to jail time.

I can review any evidence that the police officer had to cite you for any violations and determine if there are weaknesses. If necessary, I can represent you in court. In many local courts, if it is too far away from your home or work, I can speak for you on your behalf. I have experience working in local courts across the Hudson Valley and Upstate New York.

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