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Handling Speeding Tickets In The Hudson Valley And New York State

Did you have a run-in with the law in the upper Hudson Valley and get slapped with a speeding ticket? Do not plead guilty! Pleading guilty or agreeing to a bad plea bargain can affect your car insurance and your driving record for years to come. It could even mean a license suspension, which can affect your ability to drive to work.

You need an experienced New York speeding ticket attorney who knows the law, the local courts and ways to minimize the negative consequences of whatever charges you are facing. For more than 35 years, attorney James Wagman has been helping drivers deal with speeding tickets and other moving violations in New York.

Contact my law firm, James M. Wagman, Attorney at Law. Find out what we can do for you.

Why Should I Call An Attorney?

When most people receive speeding tickets, they simply pay the fines in an effort to “move on” from the incident. By paying the fine and admitting guilt, however, you may be closing the door on any chance to get your ticket thrown out or negotiated to a lesser violation.

By paying the fine, you will likely have points put on your license. In New York point ranges are:

  • Three points for driving between 1 and 10 mph above the speed limit
  • Four points for speeds between 11 and 20 mph above the limit
  • Six points for driving between 21 and 30 mph over the limit
  • Eight points for between 31 and 40 mph above the speed limit
  • Eleven points for all speeds of more than 40 mph above the speed limit

Too many points can lead to serious consequences, including a license suspension or the loss of driving privileges. Attorney James Wagman knows how to protect your license and your driving record by minimizing or eliminating points. This is especially important for anyone who needs to protect a commercial driver’s license or CDL. Typically, the court takes several factors into consideration, including your past record and how you interacted with the police officer when you were pulled over.

Legal Representation Tailored To Your Needs

We pride ourselves on offering efficient, personable service and making clients’ needs our highest priority. If you received a speeding ticket in Greene County, Ulster County or anywhere throughout the Hudson Valley, you may be facing a court date far away from home or work. When you hire our services, attorney James Wagman will appear in court for you.

Before pleading guilty, let our lawyer review all of the details of your speeding ticket. James Wagman can look into whether the officer had proper evidence to stop you or there is any way to negotiate an effective settlement or plea for a lesser charge. Do not close the door on being able to fight your ticket.

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Call us today. Talk to a New York speeding ticket attorney who is highly qualified and ready to help you. Whether you live in upstate New York, in New York City or out of state, we can appear in court for you. If you want to deal with your situation without pleading guilty, contact a lawyer.

To learn how we can help you with a speeding ticket, please contact us by phone or email for a free consultation. We welcome your call.