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Orangetown High-Speed Ticket Attorney

Rockland Traffic Violation Attorney

The town of Orangetown is in the southeast portion of Rockland County. With a population close to 50,000 residents and such attractions as Blauvelt State Park, Lake Tappan and Tallman Mountain State Park, Orangetown has heavy recreational and commuter traffic. If you received a traffic ticket in Rockland County, it is wise to consult with an experienced lawyer immediately.

My experience as a traffic violation defense attorney has given me a detailed understanding of the skills necessary to be successful in a local court. I will examine the situations surrounding your charge, your driving record and any witness statements to ensure your driving record is properly defended. It is my goal as your lawyer to minimize your consequences and move you through this dilemma in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

The town hall of Orangetown is located in a community in the southern part of the town called Orangeburg. In many situations, I can appear on behalf of my clients in the town court, eliminating the need for my clients to take time off work. I have over 35 years of experience as a high-speed ticket lawyer which can be of great benefit to drivers with traffic tickets in Orangetown.

I have over 35 years of experience providing traffic violation defense to drivers from New York state and Canada. As attorney for the town of Catskill and through all my many years of experience, I understand what it takes to be successful in a local court. For a free consultation, please call my office at 866-901-8742, or contact me online today.