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Challenging High-Speed Or Reckless Driving Charges

While all traffic tickets carry potentially serious consequences, certain factors can make some violations far worse than others. For example, high-speed tickets and reckless driving charges carry far more serious consequences than regular speeding tickets.

I am Catskill traffic tickets lawyer James M. Wagman, and I represent New York and out-of-state clients issued with high-speed traffic tickets in the courts of Upstate New York. I invite you to reach me online or over the phone at 518-291-4803 to schedule your free initial traffic violations consultation.

Aggressively Confronting Serious Charges

If you have been caught speeding over 100 mph, the court is going to take your case very seriously. While all traffic tickets should be handled with the proper due diligence, the stakes are much higher for high-speed tickets.

As an attorney focused on traffic law in the Upstate New YOrk, I am well-equipped to handle high-risk traffic tickets, such as reckless driving and excessive speeding. I know New York state traffic law, and I am familiar with the courts. I know how to build strong defenses for local and out-of-state drivers.

Acting Promptly To Reduce The Impact Of These Violations

The first thing to do is try to strike a plea bargain to reduce the speed on your ticket, which will result in fewer points on your license. Depending on how fast you were going above the speed limit, you could receive up to 11 points, which would mean an automatic license suspension.

I handle all types of speeding cases and will make sure you know what to expect. As you can see, the higher the speed, the greater the potential consequences, both in court and in terms of points on your license:

  • 1-10 mph over: three points
  • 11-20 mph over: four points
  • 21-30 mph over: six points
  • 31-40 mph over: eight points
  • 41 mph and over: 11 points

Please note if you are going fast enough over the speed limit, you could face additional charges for speeding and reckless driving. A reckless driving charge is its own ticket and is issued from time to time in conjunction with the ticket that you will receive for a high speed ticket.

Count On Us To Take Swift Action To Address These Violations

A local attorney who knows the local courts in the Hudson Valley can help you minimize the damage of high-speed traffic tickets. With over 35 years of traffic law experience, I can help you deal with your legal dilemma. Call 866-901-8742 or contact my firm online today for a free initial consultation.

I represent clients from throughout the U.S. and Canada with traffic law concerns near the New York State Thruway, the Taconic State Parkway, Routes 9 and 9W, and other thoroughfares throughout the Hudson Valley.