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Aggressively Contesting A CDL DWI Charge

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As a professional driver, you are subject to increased penalties for DWI, DWAI and DWAI drug convictions. If your commercial driver’s license (CDL) is suspended or revoked, you may lose your ability to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family.

Why take a chance with an inexperienced attorney? I have been practicing law for more than 35 years including having served as a prosecutor. As a result, I understand New York DWI law from the perspective of prosecutor and defense lawyer. Use my experience to your advantage.

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I Can Help You Protect Your Job And Your License

There are many reasons to contest a commercial DWI charge including keeping your job. Losing your CDL may cause you to lose your job, at least temporarily. CDL holders who are convicted of a their first DWI or DWAI offense face these challenges:

  • An automatic one-year revocation of their commercial licenses
  • Ineligibility to receive for a conditional or hardship CDL

A second DWI or DWAI conviction will result in a license revocation with a minimum of 10 years before reinstatement is allowed.

In addition to the strict guidelines that apply when you are driving a commercial vehicle, CDL holders are held to higher standards when they drive any vehicle. A conviction for DWI or any traffic violation while driving a nonwork vehicle will affect your CDL.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a set of commercial driver’s license recertification criteria. We can discuss whether you are eligible for recertification based on the details of your driving record.

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