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Challenging Child Seat Belt Violations

The safety of our children is of high importance. As such, New York has a series of laws designed to ensure children are properly restrained whenever they are in a car. If you make a mistake and forget to buckle your child up or use the wrong type of restraint, you could face serious penalties.

In Upstate New York, turn to me, attorney James M. Wagman, for help. For more than 35 years, I have established a track record as one of the state’s most experienced traffic violation defense attorneys.

When you are facing multiple points on your license and hundreds of dollars in fines for child seat belt violations, get the legal representation you deserve. Contact my office today to learn how I can help resolve your traffic violation concern.

New York Law Is Very Specific About Child Safety Requirements

In New York, the law is that every passenger under the age of 16 must wear the proper restraint. As the driver, it is your responsibility to make sure this happens. Failure to do so could mean $25-$100 in fines and three points for each violation.

Additionally, children under four have to ride in a child safety seat that meets all federal standards. For children aged four through eight, they must ride in a booster seat that:

  • Must be used with the lap and shoulder seat belt
  • Meets federal and manufacturing guidelines for height and weight
  • Cannot only be attached to the seat belt
  • Cannot be used in the front seat

There are many other exceptions for certain ages, weights and heights, and police officers take these laws extremely seriously. As your lawyer, I can make sure you understand all the laws and determine if you were operating within the law. I may be able to uncover evidence that can lead to your ticket being thrown out. I have also helped in-state and out-of-state drivers negotiate a reduction in charges and consequences in courts throughout the area.

Call James M. Wagman, Attorney At Law, Before Paying Any Fines

Too many drivers do not understand their rights, and they pay their tickets without learning whether there were opportunities to get them thrown out. To learn more about what I may be able to do with your ticket, contact me online or call 866-901-8742 or 518-291-4803.