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Alternatives to detention for juvenile offenders in New York

When a minor is arrested, this is not only a concerning time for the young offender but also his or her family members. There is not only the concern that the minor will have a juvenile record but also the fear that the minor could be charged as an adult. Therefore, it is essential to consider the options available to juvenile offenders, ways to mitigate his or her situation and the criminal defense options available for juvenile offenses.

What are the penalties for drug manufacturing in New York?

The manufacturing of methamphetamine is illegal under both federal and state laws, and when individuals in New York are accused of being involved in any step of the illicit drug production process, they are likely to face serious consequences. In most cases, a suspect will face drug charges if they are in possession of a drug; however, the accused could also face charges for being in possession of precursor chemicals, specialized equipment or being documented offering to help manufacture a drug.

Chipotle executive excused of being in New York cocaine ring

Facing criminal allegations could greatly impact the life of the accused. In addition to facing potential serious consequences for the alleged crime, the personal and professional life of the accused could suffer tremendously due to pending drug charges. Depending on the details of the crime, a drug charge could carry severe consequences, making it imperative that defendants consider the defense options available to them.

Penalties for underage drinkers refusing a breath test

A previous post discussed the potential penalties for a DUI charge in New York. This post highlighted the severity of a DUI conviction, especially if a driver had previous convictions on his or her record. While drivers that are drinking age and above could face serious penalties for drinking and driving, those under the drinking age can also face serious consequences for getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Moreover, if a driver under the age of 21 does not comply with any of the required blood alcohol tests or field sobriety tests, he or she could face additional penalties.

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