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Navigating potential criminal defense options

Facing criminal charges, no matter the severity, is always a serious matter. However, some defendants believe that if there are allegations against them and the state is making a strong case against them, there is little they can do. This is a common misconception, and no matter what a defendant is accused of, defendants are able to exercise their right to a criminal defense.

The pros and cons of plea bargaining in a criminal case

When New York residents are accused of a crime, they often considers what criminal defense options are available. While going to trial and fighting the charges could be the most suitable option for a defendant, the option of plea bargaining may get overlooked. While many fear that negotiating a deal could put them in a worse position, there are several benefits to consider when deciding whether to go forward with the plea bargaining process.

How can criminal defendants suppress evidence?

When New York residents are charged with a crime, evidence was likely collected at a traffic stop or a supposed crime scene. And while this evidence is being used to charge the accused, a defendant might have doubts regarding the reliability and legality of the recovery or admittance of the evidence being used. When this occurs, a criminal defendant might seek to suppress the evidence.

Traffic stop in New York leads to drug possession charges

One common circumstance that leads to criminal charges in New York is a traffic stop. Typically, an officer pulls a driver over due to a traffic violation, and during the traffic stop the police officer presumably uncovers evidence that makes them reasonably suspicious that the driver or one of the passengers might have committed another crime. This could lead to a subsequent search of the driver, passengers in the vehicle and even the vehicle itself. If officers uncover items such as drugs or drug paraphernalia, this could result in drug charges on top of the traffic violation the driver was stopped for.

Understanding the impacts a gross misdemeanor could have

When drivers in New York face driving violations, they often assume that these lesser charges will not significantly impact them. While a speeding infraction could result in just a warning or a citation that carries just a fine, other traffic violations could result in a driver facing more serious criminal charges. In fact, depending on the circumstances surrounding the traffic stop, a driver could be charged with a misdemeanor.

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