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October 2015 Archives

Understanding the different types of drug charges in New York

The type of drug charge a defendant faces is dependent on the type of drug involved, as well as the quantity. Sentences often range based on whether the arrestee is charged with a state or federal drug charges. There are five major types of drug charges individuals in New York could be charged with.

What are the defenses for possession of a controlled substance?

Being accused of a drug crime should never be taken lightly. Even accusations for possessing a small quantity of a drug could carry serious penalties. The consequences of a criminal conviction are often dependent on the type of drug that the defendant allegedly possessed, the amount possessed and the intent of the accused. No matter the severity of the penalties a defendant might face, it is important to consider the defense options available to potentially help reduce or dismiss the charges.

New York man charged for driving with a suspended license

Driving without a valid license could carry serious penalties for the driver. Depending on the reason for the traffic stop, whether the license was suspended or revoked and if the driver is a repeat offender, this could result in a misdemeanor charge. It is important that the driver understand everything surrounding the traffic stop and the potential charges. This could help in the defense process.

Consequences of driving without a valid license

Some drivers in New York are charged with traffic offenses that result in a revoked or suspended license. While this consequence for a traffic offense can be inconvenient, it is important for drivers to follow the driving restrictions until the driver's license is reinstated. Unfortunately, some drivers might drive outside of the restrictions and could face charges for driving without a valid license.

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