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September 2015 Archives

What are the defenses against violent crime charges?

When defendants in New York are facing serious criminal penalties, it is important to understand what defense options are available. While some defenses work to prove that the alleged crime did not occur, others seek to establish a just cause for an action, excusing the defendant from criminal charges. This commonly occurs when a defendant seeks to make a defense against a violent crime, such as the accusation of an assault or battery.

Helping those accused of violent crimes initiate defenses

When New York residents are facing a criminal charge, such as for a violent crime, a good first step to take is to consider a criminal defense strategy. Because a defendant may not fully understand the crime or what evidence is being used against them, it is important to get more information about the legal process.

How could a defendant reduce an intent to distribute charge?

Being accused of a serious crime, such as drug charges, could mean facing harsh penalties. The details of the crime often dictate the severity of the charges and whether the accused will be charged with a felony or misdemeanor. While a conviction on a misdemeanor charge often means the defendant will still endure significant penalties, these are often less severe than a felony conviction. Moreover, the defendant would not have a felony conviction record, allowing that person to avoid the damaging effects a conviction could have on personal and professional life. Because of this, seeking reduced charges could be an effective defense option for some defendants facing drug charges.

Man convicted of misdemeanor receives community service

New York residents who are facing a misdemeanor charge have defense options that could help them avoid harsh penalties like imprisonment. Community service is a possible alternative to incarceration for misdemeanor charges. Moreover, this could help defendants reduce the negative impact a conviction could have on life in general.

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