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What constitutes an unlawful search and seizure?

When you face a criminal charge, you must consider your legal options. When navigating the possible criminal defenses, you, the accused, should seek to find a strategy that could result in reduced or dismissed charges or an acquittal. In order to establish your strongest defense, you also need to note your rights and the requirements to which police officers must adhere. If an officer fails to conduct a proper search and seizure, then you might be able to use that information to dismiss the seized evidence, possibly resulting in dropped the charges.

How New York DWI laws could require an interlock device

Following a traffic stop or an automobile accident, a driver could be arrested for violating a law. If the driver is charged with a DWI, this could lead to serious consequences. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident, the driver could face harsh penalties. With regards to misdemeanors or felony DWI's, a driver could endure additional penalties regardless if this is their first offense or not.

Underage drinking initiative results in 7 misdemeanor arrests

When authorities in New York note that certain issues are plaguing the cities, they might take action to catch suspects and deter certain acts. Whether it is increasing fines, implementing harsher penalties or conducting sting operations, these actions are usually done in response to a high rate of arrests or criminal charges for a specific offense. Although this strategy could help lower the crime rate, it also poses serious consequences for those facing criminal charges.

New Yorker charged for drug distribution at event last summer

Whether immediately following suspected illegal activity or several years afterwards, an accused individual could be charged with a crime at anytime so long as it fits within the designated statute of limitations for the crime. Being arrested for a crime that occurred over a year ago could present defense challenges. Evidence supporting the defendant's story might be sparse or the details of an incident might not be clear to the accused or witnesses. No matter the situation, an accused individual should always seek to aggressively defend against the charges he or she is facing in order to reduce the potential impact on his or her personal and professional life.

Activists protest against man charged with animal abuse

Facing criminal charges can have several effects even if the defendant is not convicted of the alleged crime. For some defendants, the media coverage of their charges and pending cases can often impact their life. Even if conviction does not result, this could impact the defendant's life significantly. This could mean enduring consequences much worse than the possible penalties the crime could carry.

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