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February 2017 Archives

What are possible defense options to a DWI charge in New York?

Being accused of drunk driving can have serious repercussions. Many motorists fear the potential penalties associated with such an allegation; moreover, accused drunk drivers are often unsure of their rights and options in the matter. While many view a DWI as a traffic violation, in reality, it is a criminal traffic offense that could impose hardships and serious consequences if a driver is convicted. Thus, understanding the available defense strategies is paramount.

Helping you avoid the penalties of a DWI charge

For most residents in New York, the only serious criminal charge he or she is likely to face is a DWI. While a drunk driving charge may not seem as severe as other crimes, this criminal traffic offense could result in serious consequences. Thus, it is important that motorists facing a DWI take the matter seriously. This usually means taking the time to understand the situation and what defense options are available.

Sentencing issues for synthetic drug charges

As a previous post highlighted, being charged for a drug possession crime could carry serious penalties. While possessing a large quality of a drug could lead to a drug distribution charge as well, being is possession of a synthetic drug can present some problems when it comes to charging, convicting and even sentencing an accused offender in New York or elsewhere.

What are defenses for drug possession charges?

Residents of New York are aware of the harsh penalties that could result from a drug crime. While the severity of the consequences depends on the drug type and other circumstances, individuals facing drug charges should understand that there are defenses available. These hold true when an individual is accused of drug possession. Whether it is for personal use or with intent to sell, allegations surrounding drug possession can be challenged.

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