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February 2016 Archives

How do you make a self-defense claim in New York?

New York residents who use physical force against others as a form of protection, when necessary to defend against possible physical harm, could result in the individual facing a criminal charge. However, if the accused believes that such force was required and reasonable, a self-defense claim could be asserted.

Making a criminal defense plan against violent crime charges

When an individual threatens, offends or otherwise puts a New York resident in a potentially harmful situation, it is a possibility that people will respond with physical action. While the conditions of the situation will cause an individual to respond differently, when people react with violence or a threat of violence, they could face criminal charges for these actions.

The different types of drug treatment courts in New York

A strong criminal defense strategy when faced with drug charges could help the accused get the charges reduced or dismissed, but there are also programs that are available that the accused could voluntarily enter into that could help them dismiss the charges or reduce the penalties they will face. In New York, there are currently 141 drug courts operating in the state. Of those, 89 are in the criminal courts, 33 are in the family court, four are in the town and village courts and 15 are in the juvenile system. If a defendant seeks to participate in a drug treatment court, it is important to understand the different types of drug treatment courts and drug diversion programs available in order to establish eligibility.

Can drug-related charges affect eligibility for student loans?

When New York residents are accused of a drug crime, they will often consider how a conviction will impact their future. For those in college, a drug conviction could seriously affect the student's ability to continue receiving federal financial aid. It is not only important that college students accused of drug crimes consider their defense options, but also how any conviction could impact their future.

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