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November 2015 Archives

Actor faces assault charges after fight with sibling

Being accused of a serious violent crime is a difficult predicament for any defendant to be in. However, when criminal charges stem from an incident with a family member, it can be especially challenging. In these matters, defendants are not only concerned with the potential penalties involved, but are also focused on how the situation will impact personal, family and professional relationships as well.

Understanding Leandra's Law and penalties for an aggravated DWI

A previous post discussed ignition interlock devices and whether convicted drunk drivers in New York are having them installed in their vehicle. The rule surrounding the requirement to have an ignition interlock device stem from "Leandra's Law," and this post will focus on the details of this law and how it impacts drivers accused of a DWI in New York.

Are convicted drunk drivers in New York installing IIDs?

Drivers in New York who face a drunk driving charge are often concerned about how the charge will impact their ability to drive. A conviction on DWI charges usually means being court-ordered to install an ignition interlock device, or IID, so it is generally assumed that 100 percent of drivers who have recently been convicted of a DWI would have an IID installed in their vehicles. However, this is not the case in the northern counties in New York.

Representing New York drivers in DWI cases

Being pulled over by a police officer is often an anxiety inducing event for many New York drivers. While it might be clear to some drivers why the traffic stop is occurring, in other situations it might not be so clear. When a driver is accused of driving while intoxicated, this does not mean just facing a traffic violation. Depending on the situation, a driver could endure harsh penalties, and because of that it is important that drivers take the necessary steps to understand the charges and what defense options are available.

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