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June 2016 Archives

What are the penalties for drunk driving offenses in New York?

Whether you are on your way home from work, dinner, a bar or a friend's place, being pulled over by a police officer tends to generate some emotions and concerns for motorists in New York and elsewhere. It might be clear in some situations why an officer pulled the person over. For example, speeding, failing to stop or failing to signal a turn or lane change are all common traffic offenses. In other cases, it might not be apparent to the driver.

Attacking the evidence following a drug crime charge

When individuals in New York are subject to a search, they should understand their rights. Whether it occurs at a traffic stop, subsequent to an arrest, at your home, at work or any other place, there are factors and circumstances that could invalidate a search. Even if police officers discover drugs in your possession or charge you with the intent to distribute a controlled substance, there are ways to initiate a defense against these criminal charges.

Addressing domestic violence charges in New York

Loved ones get into disputes from time to time. While these might be minor fights that only involve some verbal exchanges, others can evolve into more heated arguments that involve physical altercations. Whether it is between spouses, significant others, siblings or other family members, domestic violence could transpire into serious events that could harm a loved one, resulting in another facing criminal charges for a violent crime.

What are the benefits of a defense plea bargain?

When defendants are arrested and charged with a crime in New York, they will likely attempt to initiate a criminal defense plan to reduce the impact the criminal charges could have on his or her life. While it is ideal to have the charges reduced or dropped as a result of their defense action, this is not always possible. In addition, if a defendant has a criminal history, it is likely more challenging to reduce the penalties through a criminal defense action. Therefore, some defendants consider alternative options, such as negotiating a plea bargain.

New York City Council proposes legislation for minor offenses

While residents of New York are aware that serious criminal charges have the tendency to carry harsh penalties, they are likely unaware of the possible outcome minor offenses could have. In some cases, outdated state laws cause offenders to endure serious penalties for criminal charges that do not equal the imposed punishment. Because of that, legislatures work to adjust these laws, allowing for fair punishments. Nonetheless, if a defendant believes that they are being wrongfully charged or sentenced, there are criminal defense options available to them.

Sealing a criminal record in New York

Today, it is not uncommon for New York resident to undergo a background check. While this process frequently reveals minor violations, for some residents, this could expose a criminal history that could make it difficult for an individual to obtain a job, housing or even financial aid. Because of that, offenders might take steps to reduce the impact a criminal record can have on their personal or professional life.

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