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Accused murder accomplice found and arrested

A person who is facing the possibility of serious criminal charges is in a bad predicament. Not only could the accused endure harsh penalties if he or she is convicted, but they could also suffer hardships impacting his or her personal and professional life. Because allegations of a violent crime could carry with it some consequences, it is important that accused offenders take time to understand the defense options available to them.

Understanding the factors involved with aggravated assault

While emotions can sometimes get the best of us, when it comes to assault charges, there are various factors that could elevate this criminal charge. No matter the cause or intent of the matter, when an individual in New York or elsewhere faces allegations of aggravated assault, this is likely to mean harsher penalties and consequences for this violent crime. Because an elevated charge could greatly impact a defendant, it is imperative that they understand how an assault charge is raised to this offense as well as defense options available.

What is petit larceny and what defenses could a defendant use?

Being accused of a criminal charge, no matter the severity, is likely to impact the life of the accused offender. While a felony charge is likely to result in severe and harsh penalties, a misdemeanor carries with it consequences that could tarnish an individual's personal and professional reputation. Thus, even when a defendant is suspected of a misdemeanor, it is important to understand the elements of the crime and what defense options are available.

Helping you prepare a defense against misdemeanor charges

Being stopped by the police is never a joyful event for motorists in New York. While a driver is likely aware if he or she had been speeding or committed any other simple traffic offense, it can be less clear to some drivers why exactly they were pulled over. During any traffic stop, officers are collecting information to help them charge a motorist. Whether it's a simple traffic violation or a misdemeanor traffic offense, a traffic ticket can carry with it serious consequences.

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