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February 2014 Archives

Concerns raised over 'optional' status of impaired driving survey

Imagine for a moment that you are driving down the road, and you suddenly see some flashing lights and orange cones up ahead. You assume there's some sort of accident that is being addressed -- but no, it's actually a DWI checkpoint. "That's weird," you think to yourself. There was no mention of a checkpoint in the paper or online, and you never heard about it from other people or law enforcement officials.

The private probation system, and the negative effects of it

A new report about probation and its privatization points to a disturbing trend in the criminal defense world. Namely, that private probation companies are able to use the leverage of the system to ensnare those on probation in financial traps, given that the individual in question is dealing with criminal offenses and the financial penalties associated with them.

Fourth Amendment violation means drug cases are dismissed

What does due process mean to you? Do you see it as an important function of the justice system, or do you think that it simply disrupts the justice system from functioning efficiently? It's okay to have either opinion, because it is your right to have those opinions and to express them. Having rights is pretty great, isn't it?

Criminal exonerations in U.S. reach record levels

If you were to hear that 87 people were exonerated from their crimes over a period of time in the U.S., you would probably think it would be over a couple of weeks, or maybe a month, right? "The criminal justice system must find botched cases all the time," so the thinking goes -- and though that's not an incorrect way to think, the breadth and depth of the statement is simply lacking.

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