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December 2016 Archives

Understanding the basis for a criminal appeal

Going through criminal proceedings can be an emotional and nerve wrecking time. Defendants are often unsure if they are taking the right steps, and they are certainly nervous that the results will be unfavorable. Defendants in New York and other states should note, however, that there are options available to defendants even after a criminal conviction. It is possible to make an appeal for the criminal charge or charges they were convicted of.

What is considered domestic violence in the state of New York?

Although it is common for all families to fight, it is not all right for family member to physically, mentally or emotionally hurt loved ones. In such matters, this could be considered domestic violence. When an individual believes that he or she is a victim of domestic violence, he or she is accusing a loved one of a crime. Facing such a criminal charge does not only mean criminal penalties but could also mean a difficult future with that loved one. It could also mean that relationship is severed and the accused party will be prevented from contacting that loved one.

Five suspects arrested following assault and robbery in Brooklyn

As a previous post in this blog discussed, charges related to theft could result in serious penalties. If a criminal charge is raised to an armed robbery charge because a deadly weapon was used in the commission of the suspected crime, the accused could face harsh consequences.

Understanding the serious penalties for armed robbery

The accusation of theft can be serious. In fact, individuals in New York that are suspected of the unlawful taking of property could face serious penalties. Even more so, the accused offender could face even more severe consequences if they are charged with armed robbery. Unlike theft, armed robbery requires the application of threat or force, which causes this criminal charge to carry with it serious penalties, usually because the offender used a gun or a knife.

Can you challenge a BAC test after a DWI charge?

While Thanksgiving has come and gone, this only marks the beginning of the winter holiday season. Residents throughout New York celebrate a mix of holiday traditions, causing them to attend holiday gathering and celebrations. Because of that, it is likely that many residents are faced with the question of whether to drive or not. And, even if a motorist believes that they did not consume enough alcohol to cause them to go over the legal limit, this may not prevent them from being stopped by police officers.

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