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March 2015 Archives

The use of a child to commit a drug crime, penalties and defense

Drug charges are often considered a serious situation, and as last week's post for this blog pointed out, drug crimes could involve children. When residents in New York are accused of drug possession, the penalties they could be looking at are often harsh. The circumstances surrounding the crime and charges often determine the potential consequences they could face.

Boy brings cocaine to preschool; New York dad faces charges

The impact of a criminal charge can be grave. They not only affect the reputation of the accused, but they could also greatly impact their personal and professional life. Loved ones could be harmed in the process, and a defendant's life could be damaged regardless if they are convicted. This is why it is crucial they take immediate action to construct a defense strategy in an effort to avoid some of the harshest consequences.

What are the penalties for misdemeanors in New York?

When an individual is charged with a crime, it is often considered an event that could tremendously impact the life of the accused if they are convicted. Although a misdemeanor is categorically a lesser crime than a felony, facing a misdemeanor charge still carries penalties that could be considered severe and could significantly affect the life of the defendant.

Understanding Leandra's Law and DWI penalties in New York

When a driver is pulled over for an alleged DWI, there are many factors to consider. A suspected drunk driver should not only consider his or her rights during the stop, but also his or her legal options if he or she is facing a drunk driving charge. If the driver is convicted of a DWI, he or she could face serious consequences. This is why drivers and those accused of impaired driving should be knowledgeable about the possible DWI penalties that they could endure and how and why they came to be.

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