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September 2016 Archives

Grounds for a criminal appeal

Facing a criminal charge can be a challenging time for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Even more so, facing a criminal conviction can be life altering for criminal defendants. Enduring the consequences associated with a criminal charge does not only mean facing the penalties associated with the crime but also means facing the personal and professional consequences that can result. Even if an accused offender is convicted of a crime, the person should understand that this is likely not the end of their criminal defense options.

What are the penalties for a domestic offender owning a firearm?

As a previous post highlighted, a domestic dispute could result in criminal charges. A person accused of domestic violence can face serious penalties. In addition, the defendant could lose the ability to sped time with the other party involved in the dispute as well as any children involved. Whether this is a family member, spouse or a significant other, a violent change such as a domestic dispute charge could carry serious penalties. In addition, a person convicted can face harsher penalties if the person is found in possession with a firearm.

Asserting a criminal defense against domestic violence charges

Being accused of committing a crime against a family member or a love done is not an easy situation to be in. It is likely very complex and heated with many emotions. Nonetheless, a domestic violence charge can carry serious consequences against an accused offender. The sensitivity and nature of this criminal charge might make it difficult to navigate and work through, but this doesn't mean a defendant should not take assertive steps to initiate a criminal defense action.

Understanding the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony

Being accused of any crime is a serious situation for individuals in New York and elsewhere. Whether is it considered a minor or major offense, those suspected of a crime should take criminal accusations seriously. Moreover, it is important to understand the situation at hand, the crimes faced by the defendant and the potential penalties the accused can endure.

What are the available defense options for drug possession?

If an individual in New York is accused of a drug crime, the person could face serious penalties. Depending on the type of crime and the type of drug, a defendant could endure harsh penalties and even mandatory minimum sentences if the individual is convicted for drug possession. Whether a motorist was subject to a search following a traffic stop or accident, an individual's home is searched due to reasonable suspicion or the accused's person was searched following suspicion, those accused of drug possession charges have defense options.

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