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Asserting a criminal defense against domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Violent Crimes |


Being accused of committing a crime against a family member or a love done is not an easy situation to be in. It is likely very complex and heated with many emotions. Nonetheless, a domestic violence charge can carry serious consequences against an accused offender. The sensitivity and nature of this criminal charge might make it difficult to navigate and work through, but this doesn’t mean a defendant should not take assertive steps to initiate a criminal defense action.

At James M Wagman, Attorney at Law, our legal team is dedicated to helping defendants in the Hudson Valley area with their criminal defense actions. We understand that going to criminal court can seem like an overwhelming experience; therefore, we will fully explain all the criminal defense options available to each of our clients. In some cases, this might means avoiding court and taking a plea negotiation. Our goal is to mean to needs and best interests of our clients.

When a domestic violence charge is placed against a defendant, the person will likely face penalties that are serious and even harsh. Even before a conviction, an order for protection could be filed against the accused. This can prevent them from interacting or coming within close proximity of the supposed victim. In these matters, we work with our clients to determine whether to contest such an order. Moreover, we will guide our clients towards a path that could allow them a future with a family member or loved one the domestic violence charges involved.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s violent crimes website. This can help individuals better understand their options when they are faced with a felony or misdemeanor. Additionally, this could aid the defendant with reducing or even dismissing the charges against them.