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June 2015 Archives

Understanding what an illegal search and seizure is

Facing criminal charges can be a very stressful and confusing time for individuals in New York. One may not fully understand the allegations against them. Moreover, the accused may not be aware of the evidence collected and how it is being used against them. In some situations, evidence may not be collected properly and could be deemed an illegal seizure. Defendants should understand what an illegal search and seizure is in order to determine if the evidence is subject to dismissal.

What constitutes a proper stop and frisk in New York?

Whether it is on the road or on the street, when residents in New York are stopped by the police, many questions run through his or her head. Why are they being stopped? What rights does the officer have? What defenses are available when an officer searches a vehicle or person and discovers drugs? Individuals facing drug charges after a stop and frisk should understand the laws that govern this act. This could help the accused with his or her defense and possibly reduce or drop the charges against them.

New legislation in New York addresses heroine crisis in state

Last week's blog focused on diversion programs used to reduce the number of inmates with mental illness. These programs seek to treat these individuals instead of incarcerating them. Much like that type of diversion program, drug diversion programs seek to treat and rehabilitate those accused and even convicted of drug crimes. In addition to helping those with drug addiction or abuse problems, these programs also seek to decrease the usage of these drugs, as well as crimes committed that involve these drugs.

New York uses diversion program addresses mental illnesses

When New York residents enter the criminal justice system, it is often the case that individuals seek to avoid facing criminal charges and penalties such as imprisonment. While making a strong criminal defense is an important step for defendants to take, there are other options to consider during the criminal defense process. For some, diversion programs might be a suitable option.

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