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June 2014 Archives

Authorities trying to locate suspects in a Bronx armed robbery

Criminal allegations can seriously affect the personal and professional life of the accused. This is especially true when it involves a violent crime. The suspect could endure hardship even before the charges are finalized. Crafting a strong defense strategy against the allegations could not only lessen the affects the charges have on a defendant's life, but could also reduce or some or all of the charges against, possibly avoiding conviction.

New York man charged with drunk driving after fatal accident

Following an automobile accident, authorities seek to understand the cause of the crash and assign fault. Their investigation could result in a driver being accused of driving while intoxicated. A DWI charge could mean serious penalties, which could affect the personal and professional life of the accused. This is why it is crucial that anyone accused of driving while intoxicated understand the charges against them and develop a defense strategy.

Traffic stop in New York results in drug charges

When authorities in New York stop a driver, a series of questions will most likely ensue. This could lead to tests to establish impairment or even a frisk to determine alleged hidden dangers. These steps could possibly result in an arrest, especially if contraband is discovered on an individual's person or within his or her vehicle. A simple traffic stop could turn into a drug charge. A driver should therefore be aware of his or her rights during the stop and, if charged for drug possession, he or she should assess their defense options.

Cops claim New York man failed to cooperate during traffic stop

When drivers in New York are pulled over, they often think about the possible consequences they might face. A traffic stop will typically result in a simple citation for a traffic violation. Depending on how the stop progresses and what the police officer suspects, the driver could face harsher penalties such as a misdemeanor charge.

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