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What are the penalties for a breath test refusal in New York?

A New York driver convicted of a DWI charge will face serious penalties including fines, license suspension and other consequences. But motorists who fail to comply with the instructions of the officers at the traffic stop could also face penalties regardless of whether they are ultimately convicted of a DWI. If a driver refuses to submit to field sobriety tests or a blood alcohol concentration test, he or she could be subject to penalties.

Helping you devise a strong defense against criminal allegations

Dealing with criminal allegations could easily be described as being life altering and devastating. Those accused of a crime, no matter the severity, can endure much impact to their life even before setting foot in court. A defendant's personal and professional life can be so severely impacted that the person may not have a community or a job to return to even if the individual is not convicted of a crime. When facing such serious criminal charges, a defendant may feel defenseless; however, even the most severe charges have a criminal defense available.

New York DMV employee faces felony charges

Those facing criminal charges stemming from the person's place of employment will likely face additional consequences. Even if the criminal charges do not result in a conviction, it is likely that the defendant will suffer consequences due to the allegations. If the workplace of the accused is a party of the criminal action, it is likely that the defendant will no longer have a place of employment. Moreover, the person will likely suffer damage to their personal and professional reputation, making it difficult to move past these criminal allegations.

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