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Helping you devise a strong defense against criminal allegations

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2016 | Criminal Defense |


Dealing with criminal allegations could easily be described as being life altering and devastating. Those accused of a crime, no matter the severity, can endure much impact to their life even before setting foot in court. A defendant’s personal and professional life can be so severely impacted that the person may not have a community or a job to return to even if the individual is not convicted of a crime. When facing such serious criminal charges, a defendant may feel defenseless; however, even the most severe charges have a criminal defense available.

Navigating a criminal defense can be emotional, confusing and scary, but at James M Wagman Attorney at Law, our legal team is prepared to stand by a person’s side every step of the way. We have helped countless New York clients assert strong legal defenses against a wide array of criminal allegations, helping them achieve reduced sentences and dismissed charges.

Whether people are facing a traffic violation, misdemeanor or a felony, our experienced law firm is capable of initiating their criminal defense. We have the skills and resources necessary to help our clients at all phases. Whether people go to trial, make a plea negotiation or are filing an appeal, our legal team is prepared to uncover all the pertinent information needed, ensuring our clients are well informed of their rights and options.

To learn more, check out our criminal defense website. All defendants are afforded the rights to assert a criminal defense following criminal charges; however, there is a wide range of options available to defendants. Therefore, it is important to be well informed of a person’s rights and what is in the person’s best interests. Doing so could help people reduce or even dismiss the charges against them.