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Actor faces assault charges after fight with sibling

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Violent Crimes |


Being accused of a serious violent crime is a difficult predicament for any defendant to be in. However, when criminal charges stem from an incident with a family member, it can be especially challenging. In these matters, defendants are not only concerned with the potential penalties involved, but are also focused on how the situation will impact personal, family and professional relationships as well.

According to recent reports, Eliot Feld, an acclaimed ballet director and actor in West Side Story, faces assault charges. The 73-year-old actor, who played Baby John in the film version of West Side Story and co-founded the Joyce Theater in New York, was allegedly in a fight with his sibling.

The incident occurred back in August at Feld’s mother’s apartment in New York City. This alleged brawl with his sibling led to his arrest. The details of the fight were not addressed in the initial reports, and it is not clear whether his sibling is also facing any repercussions in this incident. While Feld was later released on bail, reports indicate that he recently appeared in court in Manhattan for assault charges. The case was adjourned until late February.

Even when criminal charges stem from an incident with a family member, it is still possible to face serious criminal consequences if the defendant is convicted of the charges. Because of that, it is important that defendants consider their defense options no matter the situations surrounding the charges. This not only helps protect the rights and interests of the defendant, but also ensures that timely and appropriate action is taken.

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