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Activists protest against man charged with animal abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Facing criminal charges can have several effects even if the defendant is not convicted of the alleged crime. For some defendants, the media coverage of their charges and pending cases can often impact their life. Even if conviction does not result, this could impact the defendant’s life significantly. This could mean enduring consequences much worse than the possible penalties the crime could carry.

During a recent hearing, a 22-year-old man accused of kicking a cat was hackled and yelled at by animal rights activists outside the Brooklyn Criminal Court. The young man was charged with misdemeanor animal abuse, and has received much negative feedback with regards to the crime he was suspected of committing.

According to reports, the man allegedly kicked a stray cat, causing him to fly about 20 feet up into the air. Further details about the accusations were not reported at this time. Furthermore, there has been a huge following for the justice of the cat involved in the matter, which has since been cared for and adopted. At this time, the district attorney stated that there is no offer and they are expected to go to trial in September.

Although a misdemeanor is a lesser crime, it could still carry serious consequences. Making a criminal defense strategy against the allegations could help the defendant reduce or drop the charges filed against them. Additional independent investigation could help the defendant question the criminal evidence used against them. If any of the evidence is found to be inadmissible, this could help the defendant dismiss the charges.

A defendant is entitled to a defense when they are accused of a crime. Their defense strategy should begin with the defendant familiarizing themselves with the charges and possible outcomes. This will allow them to make appropriate defense decisions and provide them with realistic results.

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