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New Yorker charged for drug distribution at event last summer

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Whether immediately following suspected illegal activity or several years afterwards, an accused individual could be charged with a crime at anytime so long as it fits within the designated statute of limitations for the crime. Being arrested for a crime that occurred over a year ago could present defense challenges. Evidence supporting the defendant’s story might be sparse or the details of an incident might not be clear to the accused or witnesses. No matter the situation, an accused individual should always seek to aggressively defend against the charges he or she is facing in order to reduce the potential impact on his or her personal and professional life.

Following an incident that sickened several and killed at least two people last summer, an upstate New York man was recently arrested and charged with drug crimes. According to reports, the man sold the drug known as “molly” at the Electric Zoo festival last August, causing the death of at least two while making several others ill. Authorities allege overdosing on the pills he was accused of selling at the festival caused the injuries and deaths.

Filed documents indicate that the accused is suspected of possessing the drugs sold to at least one person in the incident and he was charged with drug distribution and drug possession. It was presumed that he sold roughly 80 pills at the festival last summer. Court documents indicate that the suspect was located and charged with the crimes after reading texts dispatched between the suspect and a friend of one of the deceased who overdosed on the pills.

It is not clear whether any other evidence is being used against the accused to charge him with these drug crimes. In this case and others like it, it is important to understand the details of the crime and the evidence used against the accused individual. This could lead the defendant to challenge the reliability of the evidence and even claim that it was unlawfully obtained. If this is done successfully, then evidence may be rendered inadmissible and could ultimately lead to charges being reduced or even dismissed.

Everyone who is facing drug charges is entitled to a defense. This means designing a defense strategy that will protect their rights and interests. A defendant should keep his or her best interests in mind when creating a legal strategy, which might include plea negotiations or a criminal trial. By speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney, these individuals can become fully informed and make decisions that support their best interests and seek to avoid serious penalties.

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