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Helping those accused of violent crimes initiate defenses

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

When New York residents are facing a criminal charge, such as for a violent crime, a good first step to take is to consider a criminal defense strategy. Because a defendant may not fully understand the crime or what evidence is being used against them, it is important to get more information about the legal process.

At our law firm, we do our best to understand the best way to approach and present a defense in each and every case. Criminal defenses against violent crimes, such as assault and battery, can be different than defense strategies in other types of criminal cases. It is important to spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against defendants. This opens the door to several possibilities, such as reducing or dismissing the charges against the defendant.

At our law firm we strive to help clients navigate the legal defense process. Our attorneys work with defendants, attempting to help them understand the criminal charges, the possible penalties they could endure and the defense options available in their specific case.

Whether a defendant seeks to plead guilty, not guilty or make a plea agreement, our attorneys strive to work with clients throughout the criminal defense process, ensuring they are well aware of their rights and options in each phase. Defendants should make informed decisions, and we try to help our clients by assisting them in attempting to reach favorable terms that reduce or dismiss the charges.

Being accused of a crime, no matter its severity, is a difficult position to be in. Because of this, we seek to help defendants initiate their defenses in a timely manner, while also helping them fully understand their rights. To learn more, please visit our law firm’s violent crime overview. This could provide general information, helping defendants take appropriate steps to initiate a criminal defense.