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Navigating potential criminal defense options

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

Facing criminal charges, no matter the severity, is always a serious matter. However, some defendants believe that if there are allegations against them and the state is making a strong case against them, there is little they can do. This is a common misconception, and no matter what a defendant is accused of, defendants are able to exercise their right to a criminal defense.

Navigating a criminal defense can be challenging and at our law firm we focus on the personal needs of our clients, attempting to help them initiate the best possible criminal defense plan for their case. Whether you are facing a traffic violation, a misdemeanor, a drug crime or a violent crime, our legal team considers the goals of the defendant when developing a defense plan.

A criminal defense plan is often shaped by the criminal background of the defendant. However, the facts of the case at hand will usually be a large part of determining what defense route will provide a defendant with the best possible result. At our law firm we attempt to uncover the necessary evidence and information to initiate actions to help clients reduce charges, dismiss charges and make a plea bargain.

Our law firm also helps clients consider the option of adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, or ACOD. This means that the accused will have the charges dropped if he or she stays out of trouble for a specified period of time after their arrest. This option might be ideal for some defendants because it saves them the need to plead guilty and present a defense at trial. Moreover, if the defendant successfully completes an ACOD, the record of their arrest and prosecution will disappear.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s criminal defense website. There may be several defense options available to those facing criminal charges, so it is important to become fully aware of the defense options available in each particular case.