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Understand your New York criminal defense options

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Facing serious New York criminal allegations can be a pressing time for any individual, no matter his or her criminal history. Because criminal charges could carry heavy burdens and penalties, it is important that the accused understands how to protect his or herself. Being charged with a crime that the defendant did not commit does not only mean facing harsh legal consequences, but also enduring damages to his or her personal and professional reputation. Our law firm understands the challenges criminal charges could place on the accused’s life, which is why defendants should seek to understand the defense options available to them.

Whether you have been accused of a violent crime, drug crime, property crime, felony, misdemeanor or a criminal traffic violation, it is crucial that defendants understand the charges against them. This not only makes the accused aware of the details of the crime he or she is accused of, but also the potential penalties they could face.

The goal of a criminal defense is different from defendant to defendant and will determine on the situation and criminal history of the accused. Whether you seek to claim your innocence, make an affirmative defense or take a plea bargain, our attorneys are knowledgeable about all possible defense options and have successfully helped past clients implement a wide variety of defense actions.

Protecting your rights and interests are important and our law firm understands that initiating a timely criminal defense is the best way to ensure the best interests of a defendant are protected. Because of this, it is important that you consider the defense strategies available to you immediately. To learn more, check out our criminal defense website. This could provide general information about defense options and how to proceed with your situation.