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New York operations results in 32 drug crime arrests

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | Drug Charges |

When authorities believe a drug operation being carried out, this could lead to an investigation and the arrest of several suspects. Those allegedly involved in the operation could face serious drug charges. This could lead to serious consequences that could affect them well into the future. Even allegations of a drug crime could damage an individual’s personal and professional reputation, so it is important to establish a defense in order to mitigate the effects the charges have on a suspect.

Authorities in Rochester recently completed an investigation that called Operation Crazy Train. This resulted in officers dismantling two major drug rings. A total of 32 people were charged in connection with this drug operation that funneled cocaine and heroin into western New York.

The investigation process took nearly 13 months and officers seized around $1 million worth of heroin, cocaine worth several hundred thousand dollars and a sum of cash. The arrest, search and seizure occurred after authorities completed hundreds of hours of surveillance and wiretaps.

When a person is arrested for a drug charge, they should understand their rights and options. A defendant should develop a strong criminal defense. This usually begins by looking at the details of the arrest and any warrants issued. If there was an improper arrest or illegally obtained evidence, they could have that evidence dismissed. This could help them to reduce or drop some or all of the charges against them.

Whether they seek to defend the criminal charges or make a plea bargain, a defendant should understand that they are entitled to a defense. In order to develop a defense strategy, a defendant should seek guidance so they can determine what options they have and what legal route they should take.

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