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Long Island woman arrested for possession in route to music event

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Drug Charges |

When defendants face criminal charges, they often consider how it will affect them currently and in the future. Allegations alone could lead to serious damages to their personal or professional reputation, so it is important that defendants understand their rights when it comes to defending the charges against them. This is an important step to take when an individual is facing a drug charge. Some drug crimes carry serious penalties, so reducing or dropping the charges against the defendant could help them significantly.

A 23-year-old Long Island woman was recently arrested and charged with drug possession. According to New York authorities, the young woman faces a felony possession of LSD after she was pulled over by police officers on her way to the Mysteryland Festival. In addition to this charge, the woman was also allegedly charged with possession of other substances, such as hash oil, ecstasy and marijuana.

Authorities in upstate New York were aware of the possible drug use related to this music festival and made several arrests prior to and during the event. An individual facing drug charges in this situation should understand the details of their situation. Further investigation could establish whether protocol was followed and a lawful arrest was made. If authorities failed to make a lawful arrest or made an illegal search and seizure, the defendant could use that information to make evidence inadmissible. This could ultimately lead to the charges being dropped or reduced.

When a defendant is facing a criminal charge, it is important that they fully understand the situation they are in. This will help them devise a proper defense strategy. Those unsure about what steps they need to take or whether they have a defense should seek guidance. All defendants are entitled to a strong defense and they should be aware of the actions they could take.

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