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New York troopers step up DWI efforts

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

While getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can be a little dangerous at any time of the year in New York and elsewhere around the nation, there are certain times of the year when authorities and organizations within the state of New York are especially on the lookout for drunk drivers and warning against drinking and driving. The holiday season is one of those times, and drivers in New York should plan their New Year’s parties in order to avoid being pulled over for driving while intoxicated.

Both New York authorities and Mothers Against Drunk Driving have launched a campaign in the state of New York to raise awareness about drinking and driving during the holiday season. This has resulted in numerous electronic boards being displayed with the message to drive safely and remain sober. In addition to these displays to remind drivers to not drink and drive, troopers in the state have stepped up their enforcement and checkpoints.

Those traveling during the holidays and going out to celebrate the New Year should plan and prepare the ride to and from any party or celebration. If a driver is pulled over and suspected of driving while under the influence, they could be charged with a DWI. This charge carries serious penalties upon conviction, and depending on the circumstances and the driving record of the suspected offender, they could face very harsh consequences.

In these matters, drivers should be aware of the legal rights and defense following their arrest and drunk driving charge. It is important to note the methods and procedures carried out by authorities. If they fail to fully comply with them or did not follow procedures or protocols, a driver could use that evidence to reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Remaining safe and sober on the roadways should be a yearlong effort, but drivers could still get pulled over and accused of DWI without the necessary evidence to back it up. It is important to protect one’s rights and understand defense options when accused of a serious offense such as drunk driving.

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