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Criminal defense strategy for violent crime allegations

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2015 | Violent Crimes |

Making a legal defense plan is an important step to take when an individual is accused of a crime. This is especially true when a defendant is facing serious criminal charges. Hudson Valley attorneys understand that allegations of a violent crime such as murder, battery or an armed robbery could carry serious penalties and other consequences. In order to avoid these consequences, the accused should understand their situation and how they could reduce or dismiss the charges against them.

Many violent crimes are charged as felonies and expose defendants to the risk of prison time. While the punishments could be grave, our attorneys understand the various defense options a defendant could have in order to reduce or eliminate the potential penalties they face.

Understanding the elements of the crime they are accused of helps a defendant determine their best defense plan. This helps the investigation process to uncover situations that could dismiss evidence against the defendant.

Moreover, experienced attorneys understand that a criminal record could increase the potential penalties against the accused. Attorneys could help a defendant determine whether a plea bargain is their best option to reduce the charges against them or reduce their sentence if they are convicted.

When an individual is facing criminal charges for a serious crime, it is important that they take immediate action to reduce the impact the allegations could have on their personal and professional life. Our website’s violent crimes overview outlines the defense options available for the accused. By establishing a sound defense, defendants can ensure their rights and interests are protected and preserved.