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Are there any times when speeding is legal?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Speeding Tickets |

When you think of speeding and the people who do it, you probably imagine someone who is in a rush to get somewhere going over the speed limit by a few miles per hour. In most cases, that’s what happens. In others, the cause of the speeding behavior is more serious.

Interestingly, there are times when speeding may be considered to be legal, though speeding isn’t legal by nature. In those cases, those who are ticketed for speeding should look into defending themselves, as necessity may have forced their hand.

What are the “legal” reasons for speeding?

Sometimes, there are reasons for speeding that may get you out of trouble with the court. For example, if your passengers or you are in danger, you may break the speed limit in some cases. An example would be if there was a severe weather event that forced you to speed to avoid imminent harm. This is an unlikely scenario, but it could happen.

Another possible time when speeding may be considered to be legal would be if you were forced to speed. For instance, if there is someone in your vehicle holding you hostage and telling you to speed, you may have no other choice but to do so. This would be a strong defense against being ticketed or charged for other offenses.

A third time when speeding may be forgiven is if you’re being coerced or need to speed for your own safety. A good example of this would be when all the vehicles around you are speeding so fast that following the speed limit would put you in danger.

It’s important to note that anyone who breaks the speed limit can be ticketed for doing so. However, extenuating circumstances should be considered in these cases, especially if the person driving felt that speeding was necessary at that time. Whether they were rushing to the hospital during an emergency or were being forced to speed to avoid another vehicle that was traveling too closely to them, the reasoning that they give may be good enough to have the ticket dropped or the penalties eliminated.