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How many points does a New York speeding ticket cost?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Speeding Tickets |

Traffic infractions are the most common criminal offenses cited in New York. People who would never think of stealing from a business or assaulting a person still often violate traffic statutes. People think of traffic violations as minor inconveniences, as opposed to potentially life-altering criminal acts.

However, New York can impose a variety of penalties for traffic violations that could potentially cause significant hardship for an individual. A simple speeding infraction may seem like a relatively minor traffic offense. Many people ticketed for speeding simply pay the citation. Paid speeding tickets add points to someone’s license and could eventually cost them their driving privileges.

The overall speed determines the points

New York has a relatively thorough driver’s license points system. There are five different categories of speeding tickets, and each type of ticket carries a different number of points. Anyone who pays the ticket effectively pleads guilty to the alleged infraction.

The number of miles per hour (mph) someone was allegedly over the limit determines how many points the ticket carries. Someone accused of driving between one and 10 mph over the speed limit receives a ticket that carries three points. A ticket for traveling 11 to 20 mph over the limit adds four points to someone’s license.

Those accused of exceeding the limit by 21 to 30 mph could have six points added to their record. Infractions involving speeds between 31 and 40 mph over the limit carry eight points. Anyone cited for traveling over 40 mph over the limit could add 11 points to their record all at once. Someone only needs to accrue 11 points in an 18-month period to face license suspension in addition to the fines associated with each individual ticket.

There are many different ways for someone accused of a traffic offense to defend against a recent citation. Not only will someone need to pay the ticket, but they will also need to absorb the consequences that come with adding points to their license. Some people can lose their driving privileges, while others may end up paying far more for insurance.

Ultimately, effectively defending against a traffic citation can help people preserve their driving privileges and protect their finances.