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How the New York IID program works after a DWI charge

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

Licensing consequences are arguably the most frustrating penalties that the New York courts routinely impose for driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. Motorists can lose their driver’s licenses for extended lengths of time, which can affect their careers and/or their budgets because of the cost of alternative transportation.

Many people are eager to regain their driving privileges as soon as possible following a DWI conviction in New York. While they may be able to drive after the end of the suspension period, they will still be subject to restrictions in many cases that will impact their finances and freedom even after they regain driving privileges. The state will typically require that someone convicted of a DWI install an ignition interlock device (IID) in their vehicle when they regain their driver’s license.

Restrictions on driving privilege

Since 2009, Leandra’s Law in New York has granted courts the authority to place an IID restriction on someone’s license after a DWI conviction. The convicted driver cannot lawfully operate a vehicle unless it has an IID installed for as long as the restrictions apply to their license. Most people convicted of a DWI in New York will the subject to an IID requirement that lasts for at least six months. In some scenarios, people may need to keep the device installed for longer.

Costs and regular appointments

The person convicted of a DWI subject to an IID requirement will need to pay to have the device installed in their vehicle. They will also need to present the vehicle for inspection and maintenance 30 days after installation and bi-monthly for as long as they have the IID installed in the vehicle. There will be a cost for each of those appointments.

Penalties for non-compliance

Those who drive a vehicle without an IID installed can expect to face consequences. They could lose their license or have other penalties imposed depending on the circumstances of the traffic stop.

The only sure way to avoid an IID requirement is to avoid a DWI conviction. Fighting back against New York DWI charges may help people protect their finances and sense of personal freedom.